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Stephanie B, Wimberley

“She is an amazing trainer. She explains the theory behind her training method, and is great at teaching us how to use the same methods."
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Trainer Bio

Jane began working with dogs in 2010 when she became employed by Service Dogs, Inc. Her work as a trainer started soon after --She taught basic obedience, as well as more specialized skill sets with mobility assistance dogs and hearing alert dogs. In 2021, Jane decided to pursue her dream of working independently with clients and their pups.


Jane is a lifelong animal advocate and has been fascinated with studying animal behavior as long as she can recall. Jane is a CPDT-KA certified trainer, which means she uses positive-reinforcement training methods to ensure that each dog has a fun and enjoyable experience while learning. With her compassion and empathy, she understands that each dog is unique. Her approach is patient and thoughtful -- taking into consideration each individual dog's needs, as well as their owner’s specific training goals. She believes every dog deserves an opportunity to reach their maximum potential, and she loves being able to help by providing the tools that make this possible.

Training Types

Puppy Basic Manners

For puppies between the ages of 12 weeks to 6 months

Adult Basic Manners

For dogs 6 months of age

and older




Serving Wimberley, TX and surrounding area

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